OEM Solution

With many years’ experience of measuring system and direct drive motor system, AGICO use advanced management methods and tools to summarize an effective operation mode of “design factory”. We can ensure to delivery your orders in time to help you to keep ahead continuously from the fierce competition in the industry, and let you feel our efficient and warm service at the same time.

No matter what products or services you need us to provide, we will always execute the standardized operation process and build a cross functional team to operate it. We make all content under control and insure the products we deliver at last can meet all the contents we agreed before. Our goal is to use the most efficient management method to get the lowest cost and the shortest delivery time, and to meet or exceed the quality needs.

This operation mode emphasizes the important of teamwork. We build different project teams according the different features, ensure we can understand your needs clearly. We pay attention to project economic benefit, use various tools reasonably and control them properly. It’s a totally teamwork process, it have to rely on our excellent engineers from various fields cooperating together to be completed successfully, and it also needs your participation and coordination. During the project operation, we will use project management tools to control it strictly.

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