Magnetic Angle Encoder

AGICO Magscale Angle Measuring System is an non-contact exposed magnetic encoder, to detect angle, speed and acceleration. This encoder has a high standard of mechanical and electrical stability, resistance to shock and vibration, can be freely used in different environments, easy to install and operate, little maintenance.

  • Non- contact sensing technology
  • Excellent dirt immunity
  • Resolutions : Max. 22Bit
  • High speed operation
  • Radial and axial magnetic rings
  • OEM / ODM

Magnetic Angle Measuring System can be widely applied to high precision NC digital processing system, automation equipment, large diameter servo turntable, theodolite, high precision goniometer, torque sensor, gyroscope, and seismic wave detector for measuring dynamic accuracy of drive chain, screw dynamic precision measuring instrument, aviation simulation, firing aiming system military radar array and other unconventional customized measurement environment.

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